söndag 1 juli 2018

Are all nudists exhibitionists?

In response to an article question in a blog post, see below, I recently answered in a comment:


Great article!

I do enjoy being naked both at home and in more or less public places outdoors and indoors, but I don't think I am a nudist or naturist. I do consider myself being an exhibitionist - or as I use to say: "I am Christofer Döss the Swedish sexual exhibitionist aka the bisexual life enjoying nude model nakencrille and I sooo looove being sexually exposed publicly online! ❤❤❤"

However, that doesn't make me that man in the raincoat, showing off for everyone to make them shocked and get off by that. Nope. The opposite I would say. I do like showing off for others and get exposed online and in IRL, but only for those who wanna see me naked - and I have thousands of fans all over the world who really enjoys themselves while watching my sexy nude pix and hot cum vidz.

So, are all nudists exhibs?
Nope, only the ones who consider themselves exhibitionists.

Have a great nude day!

/Christofer Döss, Sweden"

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